Hickey Design Killarney


The principal service provided by Hickey Design & Associates is architectural design and  planning permission consultancy. We bring to every job our specialist expertise in interior and exterior architecture, as well as extensive experience in planning. We will plan and  manage your entire project from start to finish.

Free Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation where you can avail of our knowledge and experience while considering the viability of a project. We offer design guidance, and explain the full procedures, costs and timeframes associated with each project.


We at Hickey Design & Associates provide a comprehensive planning service relating to all building matters, from small-scale rural  developments to multi-million euro urban developments. We have a successful working relationship with many local authorities, and the high success rate of planning permissions granted to our clients is a measure of the comprehensive dialogue we have with the relevant planning departments.

Planning Applications

Once you decide to proceed with your project you may require planning permission. We will prepare the relevant drawings to the requirements of the relevant local authority, along with all relevant documentation. We will consult with the local planner to ensure that they are happy with the proposal before we submit a formal application. After the submission of the application, we will follow up  with the relevant council to ensure that they have all required information. We will also prepare and submit any further information and attend any meetings required to ensure a successful outcome of the application.

REGULARISATION (Retention Permission applications)

Building works which are not exempted from planning regulations are called “unauthorised developments”, and they require that a  retention application be lodged with the local authority. We have a vast experience of liaising with the relevant planning departments to deal with Retention Permission applications, and we have an excellent success rate.

A opinion of compliance cannot be issued for a property that is in breach of planning, and therefore a solicitor acting for a property purchaser will normally request that all planning matters are regularised before a sale is agreed. We advise that you should regularise all planning matters relating to your property prior to putting it on the market to avoid delays.