Mapping Killarney
Killarney Mapping


Experienced in surveying and land registry mapping, we offer services to our clients that include tape surveying and levelling, and we engage sub-consultants to carry out total station surveying and GPS on advanced software which can produce speedy and accurate results. 

Land Registry mapping

When a property or part of a property requires a new title, the new plot needs to be lodged and approved by the Property Registration Authority (formerly the Land Registry).  Some properties may not have been previously registered, and may have to go through a process called First Registration. We provide a complete service of site survey, area certification and production of title maps for submission to Property Registration Authority. 

Lease agreement mapping

We prepare lease maps as part of an agreement between a landlord and tenant.

Licence mapping

We prepare the relevant maps for businesses that are seeking licenses through the courts. 

Auctioneering/Estate Agent Mapping

We can prepare maps for the sale of property and lands. Normally we produce a location map to guide the client to the general area, and a property map to show the extent of the unit or land holding for sale. We also examine the title maps and verify the boundaries, and finally calculate and certify the specified area.

Declaration of Identity

Hickey Design & Associates provide Declarations of Identity to certify that all of the services to a property are located within the site boundary of the property. These services usually include septic tank/waste water treatment systems and percolation areas, utilities, the building and ancillary works, and private supply water wells.